How to Bulk Change Dates, Numbers, and Figures in a Word Doc

In finance and accounting, we are generally period oriented. This means we view time in terms of months, quarters, and years. Every month, we close the month's books. Every quarter, we prepare quarterly reports such as the 10-Q or private financials for the last three months compared to the prior similar period. On an annual basis, we submit the 10-K or annual report to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

Of course you don't believe that each time we prepare a report, we start from a blank document. That would be extremely time consuming and evidently not the most efficient way to go about updating a document. Typically we will use the prior year's same period report and then layer on changes. For example, if we were updating the yearly annual report, we would take prior year's annual report and change all the numbers to be relevant to this year's report.

One way to do this is to change the 2014 into 2015 manually. Now we can do this with a simple "Find and Replace" technique. However, what if we wanted to highlight any changes we made just to track it? What about if we want to find all numbers in the document? 

Hit Ctrl + H and this will open up the 'Find and Replace' Box. Then click 'More'. 

Find all numbers from 0-9 using '[0-9]' and make sure you check the use wildcards for that to work. Then if you want to change the format if what is replaced or what you search for, you'll want to click the 'Format' button at the bottom of the pop up screen.