12 of the Best Gifts for the Avid Investor

The Intelligent Investor$12

One of the world's richest men in the world cited that The Intelligent Investor changed his financial life. This book was written by the great Ben Graham, whom Warren Buffet cited as one of the greatest investors of all-time. Graham lays out the foundation of value investing: the idea of "Mr. Market", a value-oriented approach to investing, and the "margin of safety" concept. 

Security Analysis$40

The teachings of Benjamin Graham, known commonly as “the father of value investing”, are as relevant today as when they first appeared nearly eight decades ago. The book focuses on how to read and understand financial statements. This book is not an easy read as it is lengthy. You can not afford NOT to read Security Analysis. This is a highly recommended book to investors alike.

The Wolf of Wall Street$14

Jordan Belfort was a kingpin of an investment firm and one of the most infamous people in American finance, he sold securities and racked up millions in fees. You and your friends may not be able to replicate what he has done and probably wouldn't want to as he eventually had the SEC and FBI on his tail. But, you might find his story an interesting one in The Wolf of Wall Street

Boiler Room - $5

Seth Davis, a decent college dropout earning a living by running a casino inside his house. Seth takes on a job at a stock brokerage firm where he becomes a fast tracking stock broker and making good money. Only later does he find out that his job isn't what it's cracked up to be. If you're in the mood for a really good film, buy Boiler Room

Eat Sleep Stocks Mug$13

For the avid stock investor, this stock mug is an absolute must. We all eat, sleep, and breathe, but only the greatest of investors focuses on stocks as well. This Eat Sleep Stocks mug is 11oz of ceramic, large, and the perfect size for or morning coffee or late-night brew.

U.S. Silver Eagle Coin$28

The Silver Eagle coin is made of one ounce of .999 fine silver. This official collectors version is made from the official United States Mint. U.S. Mint proof coins are extraordinarily brilliant, with sharp relief and a mirror-like background. Their frosted, sculpted foregrounds give them a special cameo effect. Proof blanks are polished and cleaned to ensure high-quality strikes.

US Mint Uncirculated Coin Set $37

The United States Mint Uncirculated Coin sets always make great gifts. This particular coin set features 28 different coins in uncirculated quality. Each coin is sealed and displayed in folders. Just know that this could turn out to be worth more in the future than you paid for today. But, of course this would make a great gift for any avid investor. Set comes in its full original US Mint packaging.

Bronze Plated Bear and Bull Head Bookends$49

If you know an avid investor or financial planner, you can be sure that he or she has tons of finance books. When we think of Wall Street, we think of bull and bear markets. These bull and bear bookends would make fantastic gifts for avid investors. 

Margin Call $5

Kevin Spacey plays Sam Rogers, Head of Sales and Trading, in the entangling thriller of "Margin Call". Involved are key players at an investment firm during the earliest hours of the 2008 financial crisis. An entry-level analyst unlocks information that could prove to be the downfall of the firm. Employees decide to save their own company or risk fleecing millions of investors.

Wall Street Journal Subscription$23

Finally, something your friend would find useful - daily newspaper (except Sunday) straight to the Kindle. Perhaps he or she already subscribes to the Wall Street Journal. Well, you could always renew their subscription for them. This subscription comes with a risk-free 14-day FREE period after which the subscription starts.

Sheet of 2 dollar bills$80

Green, Green, Green. What is better than giving money? A sheet full of money. Did you know bills are actually printed on sheets and then they are cut into bills? These are genuine crisp $2 United States Note uncirculated legal tender bills.

Banker Green Lamp$42

Incidentally, early incandescent light bulbs tended to be harsh on eyes. Therefore, green shades were used to lessen eyestrain by many financial professionals and lawyers. Much can be said about a person's table decor and in particular a lamp. The classic banker's lamp has a green shade long since been associated with finance and accounting.