Revisiting The Last Five Featured Stocks

StockKevin's Five Featured Stocks - Revisited

Over the past few months, I've detailed a number of interesting and noteworthy stocks. While not all of these these companies have either surprised the market with positive earnings results or have beaten expectations, they have returned on average a modest 20% since it has been featured on the site. We will summarize these featured stocks below and also present the return since.

Let me just preface by reminding readers that articles on StockKevin detailing specific stocks are not recommendations to buy or sell securities. They are merely for informational purposes. It is highly recommended that you perform your own research before investing your capital.

Facebook (FB)

Facebook was a stock featured in late last September. At the time it had held the 20 day moving average and bounced to reach new highs at $52.50. It has since returned an impressive 41.27% in less than five months. On January 30th, 2014, the stock gapped up on better than expected Q3 earnings. If you had read our previous article you would have noticed that, this gap up play is similar to what had happened back in late July. The play here would have been to buy on the gap and put the stop just below the gap. In both instances (after the Q2 and Q3 earnings releases), the stock ran without even making a real attempt to fill the gap. (PCLN)

Priceline has continued to show strength even as it has exceeded the $1000 per share mark. Since it's featured stock introduction on StockKevin last September, it has returned a whopping 36%, which just about nearly matches that of Facebook.

Wisdom Tree Japan Hedged Equity (DXJ)

When we last looked at DXJ, we said that broke out of an ascending triangle pattern. It has since been very choppy. These overseas indices are highly susceptible to overnight gap ups and  gap downs. Though they may provide large returns over short periods of time, they can be difficult positions to manage. 

Stock of the Week: Google (GOOG)

Google is yet another high flying stock that had made it into a featured stocks article. Since its gap up detailed back last October, it has returned a modest 19% return. Not bad for a stock that is trading at over a thousand per share. It took a small break at the 50DMA, but has since rebounded to all-time highs. This will stock will be on my watchlist to find a good entry point.  

Rite Aid (RAD)

Since RAD's introduction on StockKevin late last November, the stock has returned a modest 9.6%. If you had read the RAD last article, we detailed the potential breakout situation. While the breakout did trigger, it quickly went back down to retest the bottom of the breakout channel. Still, it has since moved above the 50DMA and climbed back near its 52 week highs. 

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