Resume Basics for the Aspiring Big 4 Accounting Staff

Resume Basics for Big 4 Accounting

Before you interview with a Big 4 accounting firm, you'll need to get their attention and land an interview. These are difficult to come by, but with the right Big 4 insider information, you'll land one in no time. If you don't get an interview through a networking event, then your next opportunity to get the firm's attention is through your resume.

The resume is a summary or outline of you and your past experiences. It provides for a basis for your interviewer to get to know you better. In the finance and accounting industry, if you are applying for an entry level position or even a senior position, the resume should be kept to a page long. The only times I've seen a longer resume is when people were applying for a senior manager, VP, or CFO positions.

What should be on the resume?

1) Contact Information
If your resume is great and you leave this information out, it will be difficult for the accounting firms to get in contact with you. The first thing you'll want to put on the top of your resume is your contact information. This includes your name, address, phone number, and email address.

2) Objective
What position are you seeking? Make sure your objective is concise and specific. Keep it under a couple sentences. For example, your objective might read "To secure a position in an audit internship program".

3) Education
Put down your college, major and/or minor. You can also add relevant accounting, audit, or business courses that you've taken and completed. If you've gone to more than one college, make sure you list the most recent on top.

4) Work Experience
In this section, write down any work experience that you've had. If you've had a lot of work experiences, write down the ones that you believe are most relevant. If you don't have any job experience, that is okay. Move on to number 5 below.

5) Leadership & Activities
If you don't have any work experience, it is crucial that you are actively involved in college. Make sure you give the title of the organization, the location of the organization, your position, and the years you were involved. Also write down 3-5 bullet points explaining what you did.

6) Skills
List your computer skills including any software you've worked with. This is also the perfect place to put languages other than English that you are fluent or proficient in.

7) Hobbies/Interest
Yes, it is important to have the necessary qualification to fill the position the employer is looking for. However, in Big 4 accounting equally as important is cultural fit. If you have an interesting hobby or interest, the person selecting who they want to interview may be intrigued as a result pick you over someone else to interview.

8) Accolades/Achievements
Write down any awards you've received such as employee of the month, honor roll, or even if it is a club or organization award. Receiving awards shows that you are exceptional in some way and definitely is positive. 

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