Checklist Basics for Starting Your Small Business

Checklist Basics for Starting Your Small Business

So you have taken that first decisive step forwards. Before you get caught up in the day to day running, here are some important things to check off your to do list so you can be sure to put your new company’s best foot forwards.

First Things First – Put It in Black & White

You have the concept and your target market, now you need to put it in writing. This means a business plan. Writing everything down can help you keep track of your goals and will let you stay up to date with your progress. Choose the name your company will trade under and what type of company it will be, the main choices are private (limited) or publicly traded (plc) and sole trader (sole proprietorship). At this stage you may want to consult an accountant to make sure you have correctly registered your business and filled in all relevant forms with the government, tax and other official offices.

The Basics – Insure Yourself

Whether you will be working from a home office or moving into new offices, one of the most important things to remember in this day and age is to get prices for different providers so that you can compare and calculate your outgoings and keep within a set budget. Something that should also be top of your list is to get insurance for small business quotes. While it can be tough to have so much money going out during the first stages of a new business, it is imperative to set yourself up safely and securely for whatever may come. One extremely important thing not to forget is professional indemnity insurance quotes. These will ensure your customers and you are protected against financial losses due to a potentially simple slip-up or misunderstanding when advising your clients. Make sure to understand exactly what insurance needs your business will have; insurance brokers will be happy to go over every need. For instance, if you will be using one vehicle to start with for your company, you may need to consider van insurance which can provide cover for up to four drivers on one policy. Make sure to go through all your options and check out every different type of insurance policy to make sure your business is covered from every angle.

Logistics – Get Your Name Out There

Once you have your finances and insurance sorted out, it is time to talk to your customers. It is time to let the world know you have arrived. Whether you outsource your website development or use the wealth of information available online to build your own site, remember that, while it is very useful to have a social media presence, it is more important not to stretch yourself too thin. You want to show your expertise in your field clearly and make yourself a useful tool that clients will trust. A facebook page is all well and good but, will you be able to respond to every query and question across email, direct message, twitter and telephone while still providing excellent customer service? If you are not employing a social media or public relations staff, it is an idea to keep things simple at first, while you find your feet and grow slowly but surely, expanding over every medium available at your own pace.

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