Guest Post from Rachel Fox - What Stops You from Trading or Investing?

What Stops You from Trading or Investing?

Stop the 6, 7, 8 – Learn the Basics of Investing and Just Do It

It is an honor to write this Guest Blog for Stock Kevin. I say that in truth after I checked out Mr. Kevin H’s vital statistics…. He is a Cum Laude graduate from UC Irvine and a CPA, among other great things. My bio looks quite a bit different. I’m 16 and I graduated early from high school. I’m not a drop out. I do earn money in my primary career of acting (Kayla on Desperate Housewives, Chloe in Daniel Craig’s movie Dream House, and other movies and tv shows), and my secondary career as a day trader.

Even though Mr. Kevin and I have different backgrounds and different ways of learning, he from books and me from being in the world, we have much in common.

For starters, we’re both traders, not investors. That is kind of interesting to me because Mr. Kev’s credentials pin him as a low risk taker, but it appears that his involvement in stocks is shorter, than longer term. I believe his bio says his trades are from a day to three months long. Same as me.

Second, we both love travel. We’ve both been all over the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and while he’s been to China and the Netherlands and I have not, I’ve been to Monaco, Paris, and San Remo, and I’ll be going to Japan this year. Jet-setters. J

Third, he likes chic cars, enough to blog about Maseratis. I’ve ridden in a few, but my chic car favorite is the white Porshe I am going to buy the minute the insurance payments don’t bug me too much for being ridiculously high. That may be when I’m like 25 years old, but hopefully much sooner. Live Big, I always say.

Fourth, Mr. Kevin respects Will Smith, whose YouTube video he has posted on his site about Running and Reading. I can honestly say my respect for Will Smith is equally as high. He is a comedic genius. I attended his movie premiere for Hancock, and at the amazing after-party, he and Jazzy Jeff played music. I was stationed front row when Mr. Smith asked for requests. I raised my hand and his gigantic personality put the mic right in front of me and I requested he sing….. the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. This great memory is with me forever. Will Smith rocked and the crowd went wild.

Fifth, Mr. Kev blogs about happiness. Dude… right on! I am so happy to be happy. While a lot of kids my age are into partying and Facebook and drama for their happiness, I’m focused on acting, songwriting, singing, playing guitar, my band touring, stock trading almost daily, blogging for Fox on Stocks, running, and yes, even partying a little, my newfound fun, but prioritized well down on my list activity, for my fun and happiness.

For all of you who engage in trading or investing in one way or another, I encourage you to find your balance. Make your priorities right and right for you. Resist the temptation to take the easy path, but choose hard work and balance your hard work with hard play.

This is not a contradiction. Here’s why.

People often tell me that the reason they don’t invest or trade is because they don’t understand it. I say, stop watching 6 hours of tv or playing 7 hours of video games, or creating 8 hours of drama. Instead, read Stock Kevin’s and Fox on Stock’s blogs, read Yahoo Finance and lookup things you don’t understand on Investopedia. Soon you’ll be able to watch the Fox on Stocks series of nine, 3-minute videos, to teach you to get started in investing and trading.

Read and learn all you can about stocks and the stock market and then, Just Do It……

When you’re 90 and sitting on your front porch in your rocking chair, will you want to think about each and every video game and tv show you played or watched? Or will you prefer to ponder your most amazing stock trades, travel destinations, and living out your passions?

Just Do It.

Thanks Mr. Kevin H. for inviting me to Guest Blog for your site. I hope you continue to inspire others, and I hope to meet you at a stock trading convention, backstage at a concert, or on the floor of the NYSE.

Many happy returns,


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