Successful Companies You've Never Heard Of

In light of the new Green Lantern movie coming out next summer, I've decided to start off my Monday with Blake Lively. Until I read Blake Lively's wikipedia, I had no idea that she was so young. For one reason or another, I feel like she's been in the industry for a while now. But, the point is she is pretty.

Anyhow, I digress, it is Sunday night and as always I get my best ideas the night before I have work the next day. I'm looking to kick-off a series of analyses of companies that have been performing well the last three to six months in the stock market. My analyses will primarily be focused on fundamental analysis, as we all know in the long run the stock price is more or less driven by fundamentals. It will include and is not limited to what makes each individual company so profitable, the competition, barriers to entry, products/services the company provides, and if there is potential for further growth. I'll primarily be focusing on companies that are not typically on people's radars. 

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