The Walt Disney Company (DIS)

After nearly 10 years, I finally revisited Disneyland. As a child, I remembered how "spooky" some of the rides were. Matterhorn and Space Mountain were among the "spooky" rides, which ironically are now two of my favorite rides at Disneyland. While standing in line for Haunted Mansion, my friends and I began to wonder how is it that in this financial crisis Americans are in, The Walt Disney Company is still fairly prosperous. Where did most of their revenue come from?

The Walt Disney Company's revenue comes from four major categories: Media Networks, Parks and Resorts, Studio Entertainment,and Consumer Products. Media Networks is comprised of it's Cable Networks and Broadcasting. Studio Entertainment consists of theatrical and home entertainment, in other words, movies and such.

Of the four revenue sources (4th Quarter Ended) , Media Networks ranks first at 4,212 million, followed by Parks and Resorts (2,969), Studio Entertainment (1,452), and then Consumer Products (812). Compared to last year's 4th quarter, there was a 4% increase in revenue from Media Networks, 7% for Parks and Resorts, 5% decrease in Studio Entertainment revenues, and a whopping 41% increase in revenues related to Consumer Products. Disney believes this is a result of an increase in Merchandise Licensing. These favorable results have actually led to a decrease in it's stock price. Disney (DIS) is down to 23.58 from 31.13 - about 30% this year.

There you have it.

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