August 6th - Stock Trading - Plan of Action

I am looking into a couple industries right now. Namely the coal industry, but more so the commercial finance and health care industries.

In particular, MA, V, ANR, AFAM, and AMED.

Mastercard (MA) - Did drop significantly after earnings were reported, but if you look closely the reason for the drop is because of the settlement with American Express (AXP). Had it not posted that settlement, profits rose nine percent from the previous 2nd quarter. Right now it's on a downtrend, but we could see a rally soon.

Visa (V) - Not surprisingly, Visa posted gains for its 3rd quarter earnings report. Quarterly income jumped 41% when compared to the previous 3rd quarter.

Alpha Natural Resources (ANR) - In addition to reporting positive earnings for the 2nd quarter, the industry is doing extremely well. Furthermore, the chart speaks for itself. Up until the past two months, it has been on a relentless trail upward. I have traded ANR twice and came out with 10+% each time. With merger activity lurking, ANR shares could be translated into 95% of Cleveland-Cliffs (CLF) share, a steel company, plus $22 for each share. Right now, ANR and CLF are trading at similar levels both in the 90s. If the merger goes through, this could be a profitable trade. If not, it's still a great company.

Almost Family (AFAM) and Amedisys (AMED) have both reported positive earnings for the 2nd quarter. AFAM more recently today. I will keep a watchful eye on these two. For your information, i n the midst of all bearish chaos, Health Care Services has outperformed the S&P 500 this year.