GOOG & CRNT; Possible Buys/ Good Prospectives

I have my eye on a couple stocks right now namely, GOOG & CRNT. GOOG has been doing extremely well for a long time now and there’s no reason to think GOOG’s online business is being threatened in any way. GOOG’s entrance into the mobile industry basically resulted in a “zip” past $600 per share. Granted they are planning to develop software for phones and not the actual production of mobile phones, they are still entering an industry with established big corporations. It will be interesting to see how this will unfold.

Keep an eye out for CRNT also. Ever since the Cup and Handle formation back in early 2007, it has been up 300%. CRNT and GOOG are currently trading at around 16.33 & 637.39, respectively.

Right now I am looking to enter/add to CRNT and GOOG.

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