GWSO O-T-C Stock

Sep 28, 2007 -

Wonderful! Today I received this ridiculous junk in the mail. The entire seven page of junk advertisement focused largely on the Global Warming Solutions stock (GWSO). I truthfully hope nobody buys this stock solely based on the marketing tools this company is using to get its name out there. But from the looks of things, it looks like the stock is off to a decent start (meaning people are either giving in to the marketing scheme or actually find value in the company).

I personally went on Google Finance and checked out the stock. It was up 0.21 today. Its IPO was on the 7th of September. Seeing how its a Over-The-Counter stock, I'd be very wary about purchasing this stock. One reason its because its not regulated as a stock exchange.


Fai! said...

I recd. this 7 pager as well this evening. My personal mantra is "environmental friendly", so I was tempted to buy it.

What's holding me back is the lack of information in their brochure. Its more of a scare tactic on the global warming. No mention of strategy or long term plans.

However will hold back for a few days before diving into it. Anyone any thoughts on this. Please share.

Nick M. H. said...


Becareful with these spam stocks. The people behind these scams already have a big position in them. Once the stock goes a little up from "investor interest in the next big thing", they dump it all. I've seen this happen a million times! Don't do it!


Kevin Hsu said...

Thanks Nick, for your advice. I hope nobody is dumb enough to buy these spam stocks.

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